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Feeling Tired of the Space You're In?

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I personally get very tired of things around the home. Often times it feels like design changes are a big and exhausting project. However, changes don’t have to be big- in fact sometimes adding the smallest things around your space can make the most substantial difference. Here are two essential tips to freshen up your home.

1. Rearrange the furniture that you already have

This method is simple because it doesn’t require you to buy anything extra. When I’m designing spaces a lot of it is a trial and error process. Look around to see if your sofa can go on a different wall or if it’s possible to place your lounge chairs in another room.

Move things around and have fun! You may just have discovered a brand-new way to style your living space without having to spend a dime on new furniture.

2. Add accent details to a room

My go to items when I want to freshen up a space are rugs, throw pillows, and lamps.

Rugs- A rug is an inexpensive way to make a room feel fresh. I have found quality inexpensive rugs at as well as

Throw pillows- Throw pillows are a must because they are inexpensive and can be changed out often. You can do seasonal themed pillows to make a space feel festive or simply have fun with different colors and textures that complement the room.

Lamps- Stylish floor lamps or table lamps can elevate the look of a room. Lamps make spaces feel cozy and warm because often times overhead lighting is harsh.

When I want to add even smaller pieces I look for things that can go on top of the dining room table, ottoman, and book shelf.

Try adding fresh flowers to your space or order a new coffee table book.

There is so much personality in design. Make sure to pick things out that inspire you. Don’t fill a surface just because you’re afraid of having an empty space. I hope some of these tips help you to create a space that feels happy and fresh.

Now let’s go design! 

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