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The Importance of Organization in Design

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I consider organization to be a very important element in design. You may not think of organization as a design element, but the way things are placed in a room can drastically change the feel of the entire space. For example, the shelf pictured below in the office has everything that is needed for a working space all in one organized area for easy access and use.

Below I will list a few tips to consider when organizing your home in order to make it a relaxing and functional oasis for you and your family live in.

1. Think about what you want on display

Organizing things like this shelf started with the question, “what do I need access to?” If you know what you want out, that is the first step to being able to organize it. This is also a good time to go through things in the home and discover items you no longer have a use for.

2. Organize by Color or Size

After you know what you want access to you can begin the next step in the organization process. When organizing, arrange things in a way that make sense to you. This can be by color, by size, or even by related objects. For example, on this display we put all of the camera equipment on one shelf and all of the drone equipment on another.

3. Utilize Organizational Tools

There are many tools on the market that can help you organize a space. For example, you could invest in drawer organizers if you are cleaning out your bathroom drawers or you could add a towel rack to the linen closet or bins for toys in a playroom. Research the area that you want to organize to find the best tools for your space.

4. Have a Home for Everything

My rule of thumb when organizing is that everything in the house has a home. This means there is a specific place where every item lives. Once you know where things belong it is easier to find when you are looking for it. Also, if you have a place for everything you know where to put it back when you’re not using it anymore.

5. Create a Command Station

A command station can go nearly anywhere. I like to keep mine by the basket that I put my car keys, and sunglasses in. I call this area in my home the going out station. You could also put a command station inside of your spice cabinet by sticking adhesives to keep all of your grocery lists, coupons, and recipes in one spot. You can add a pen loop as well so you don’t have to go searching for one when you want to jot something down.

Organizing the home can feel like an overwhelming task but once it is done, it’s so relaxing to have a place for everything and to have your items displayed in a stylish and functional way. Take your organization room by room. You may end up decluttering the whole home, or organizing things that you already have. Either way, once you’re done you can start enjoying your space in a new, organized way.

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