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Things That Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Do you ever feel like your living space is missing something that makes it special?

Most of us all have the basics - a sofa, TV, and maybe a chair in the corner. A lot of design is based around function. When you’re furnishing a room you think to yourself, what do I need in this space to be able to live?

The question is, what comes after you have all your basic pieces of furniture?

A living room is a space many of us spend so much time in. We binge our favorite TV shows on the sofa, we read our favorite books wrapped up in a blanket, and we spend countless hours visiting with friends and family. The living room is one of the most important areas of the home so why not make it look special? Two of my favorite items that can be incorporated into a living area is a bar cart and a big piece of art. 

A Bar Cart

The cart featured above is from and is placed in the corner on the side of the sofa. Bar carts don’t have to be a focal point in a room and with wheels attached they are mobile enough that they can easily be moved around. One of the biggest misconceptions about having a bar cart is that you have to love to drink to own one but that’s not always the case. Bar carts can be used simply as an extra design piece in a living room. Our bar cart features glasses, bitters, and a bar book giving it a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic items. These carts can be a symbol of entertainment-showing guests that you have everything they need to make their favorite drink for the evening right in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like alcohol, a bar cart can still be displayed and decorated to make your favorite non-alcoholic cocktails. 

A Large Art Piece

Buying a large piece of art can be intimidating. The first thing to figure out when buying is what style of art you like and where you want to put that art. Large art makes a statement and adds to a room in a substantial way. When finding the art featured below, we knew that we needed something large because the wall is lengthy and anything small would have been swallowed up in the room. The Kali Sanders piece that is shown is from Restoration Hardware and the dimensions are 53” W by 85” H. You can hang this art horizontally or vertically but for our wall, hanging the piece horizontally filled up the space and fit our design aesthetic. When looking for art the best way to view it is as an investment. Start dreaming up styles that you love and begin to shop for them. When you pick out your large art piece stay true to your own style and enjoy having a unique and bold item in your living room.

This piece that is titled 'Vested' is a raw expression in surface and removal. It features a multilayered textured ground that is then removed using handmade tools to reveal the lighter top layer.

Now let's go design!

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